Humidity Control Kit

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The Humidity Control Kit is a acoustic guitar humidifier with hygrometer. Made by planet Waves with item number PW-GH-HTS this not only includes a acoustic guitar humidifier, it includes the hygrometer so you can tell if your humidity level is to high or to low. As bad as low humidity is, high humidity can be just as dangerous. Most competitors offer products that just add moisture and humidity but cannot tell you what the level is. Don't in danger your acoustic guitar not knowing the humidity level.

The Humidity Control Kit is easy to use. Just add water to the sponge and insert into the sound hole of your acoustic guitar. Use the hygrometer to easy check the moisture and humidity level as well as the temperature . It has a memory level which indicates the highest and lowest temperature and humidity levels as well as the date and time of the occurrences. Wow! Talk about knowing all that's going on! It uses a replaceable songe that is quick and easy to use. The item goes into the sound-hole of your guitar quickly and begins to work immediatly. Full instructions and battery are included. DC Music Store is your one stop for all things musical

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