Ibanez Artcore AG75

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Ibanez Artcore AG75 Electric Guitar

Ibanez Artcore AG75 is a large hollow-body electric guitar with gorgeous looks and equally ground-shattering sound. The Artcore AG75 is a mean pick if you're into jazz and blues, although pop and rock apply as well. What makes this Ibanez guitar stand out from similar, so-called "full-acoustics" is the fact that this is guitar is truly full-hollow, unlike some of its peers that are packet with soundblocks within their bodies.

The Ibanez Artcore AG75 Guitar features a maple body, a mahogany neck and bound rosewood fretboard. It's equipped with a pair of ACH humbuckers that pack a mean punch, but can also be easily toned down for all the classy details jazz music has to offer. They deliver a medium output rich with mid tones and overall richness. The action is low, smooth and soft, and the body is sturdy and strong, easily capable of withstanding all the standard damage that you might accidentally inflict during transport and live shows. Much like any Ibanez guitar, the Artcore AG75 is a playable six-string with a smooth, thin neck that allows you to deliver all the licks without much hassle and give 100% of your attention to quality music. The price is affordable and the product is top-notch. Get this Ibanez beast now right here at DC Music Store.

Ibanez Artcore AG75 Features

Full hollowbody construction
Maple top, sides, and back
Mahogany neck
Bound rosewood fretboard
ACH1 humbucker at the neck
ACH2 humbucker at the bridge
Case sold separately

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