Ibanez Artcore Expressionist AG95 Hollowbody

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Ibanez Artcore AG95 Guitar

The Ibanez Artcore AG95 is a full-hollow electric guitar that comes with quite an affordable price considering the sound quality it offers. The Artcore AG95 features a bound rosewood fingerboard with 22 large frets, an Artcore set-in neck built from mahogany, as well as a pearl block inlay. It delivers the signature quality and bonafide tone you expect from Ibanez and the company's high-end models, except at a lower price. This is merely one of the reasons why many guitar players out there opt for the Artcore AG95 when choosing an electric guitar.

What makes this Ibanez guitar stand out from many of the so-called full-hollow guitars on the market is the fact that it is by all means truly gollow. The three-piece neck offers additional stability, while the set of medium output Ibanez Artcore pickup offers clear tone that packs all the needed punch without the help of additional pedals and special guitar effects. In a nutshell, this is a serious instrument for serious musicians, yet it's available at a fairly affordable price, so if you're looking for a top-notch full-hollow electric six-string, look no further, because the best price you can find online is right here at DC Music Store.

Artcore Set-In neck
3pc. Maple/ Mahogany Neck Material
Figured bubinga top/sides/back Body
22 Large frets
Bound rosewood fingerboard
ART1 bridge
ACH1 (H) Neck PU
ACH2 (H) Bridge PU
Pearl block Inlay

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