Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar

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Ibanez JEM/UV Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar

The Ibanez JEM/UV is a signature model from legendary axeman Steve Vai. The Steve Vai signature Ibanez guitar offers the player with the exact same specs used by the man himself. If Jimi Hendrix defined the term we perceive as modern guitarist, Steve Vai was by all means one of the musicians that perfected it. Much like Mr. Vai and his playing, this guitar is sleek, fast, punchy, eclectic and fierce. It features a 24-fret rosewood fretboard adorn with a colorful, distinctive "Tree of Life" pattern.

The JEM/UV is also loaded with a DiMarzio Evo2 DP159 in the bridge position, a DiMarzio Evolution DPS1 single-coil in the middle position, and a DiMarzio Evolution DP158 humbucker in the neck position. Also included in the mix is the globally-renowned Edge tremolo with knife-edge-like pivot surfaces that allow friction-free operation process. This six-string comes with an included hardshell case and controls for volume and tone. If you are asking yourself "How to sound like Steve Vai?", this is one of the factors that are included in the equation. This product certainly falls among the pricier Ibanez guitars, but we're glad to offer you one of the best deals online for the JEM/UV right here on DC Music Store.

Basswood body
5pc maple/walnut JEM premium neck
Rosewood fretboard with 24 jumbo frets
Tree of Life inlay
DiMarzio® Evolution® DP158 neck pickup
DiMarzio® Evolution® DPS1 middle pickup
DiMarzio® Evolution® DP159 bridge pickup
Ibanez Edge Bridge

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