Ibanez Mikro Gig Bag

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Ibanez Mikro Gig Bag

Ibanez Mikro Gig Bag is a product specifically designed for short-scale Ibanez Mikro bass guitars. These products fit like a glove in the Mikro Gig Bag, although it can be used for products from other manufacturers as well. It's a standard product of its kind and consists of two handles and a zipper opener with a pull chord. The Mikro Gig Bag will not only protect your bass guitar from physical damage, but from various harsh weather conditions, most notably rain and snow.

When it comes to specific details, exterior measurements come to 40-inch length, 13-inch width at bottom bout and an 11-inch width at upper bout, as well as 2-inch thickness without the bass guitar inside. Protect your Ibanez bass guitar, wrap it up in Ibanez Mikro Gig Bag. Available at lowest prices right here at DC Music Store. If you are interested in checking out this product's specific details and features, make sure to give the list below a look.

Mikro Bass Gig Bag Features:

    • Exterior measurements:
    • Length: 40"
    • Width at bottom bout: 13"
    • Width at upper bout: 11''
    • Thickness: 2" without bass inside, expandable
    • Interior measurements:
    • Length: 38"
    • Width at bottom bout: 12"
    • Width at upper bout: 10"

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