Incubus Morning View Songbook

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Incubus Morning View Songbook

The Incubus Morning View Songbook is a top-notch collection of 100 percent accurate transcriptions of Incubus fourth studio album, the double platinum release known as "Morning View." This Hal Leonard publication includes note for note explanations of each of the record's 13 songs, with standard notation and guitar tabs thrown in the mix. Released in 2001, this is the effort that took the boys to a new level with such hit singles as "Wish You Were Here," Nice to Know You," "Are You In?", and more.

As noted, the notation here is 100 percent accurate and very concise, meaning that no additional resources are needed to master the goods. This also means that the songbook will save you countless hours of performing those endless web searches and sifting through poor quality content on the internet. You can find the full list of featured songs in the rundown below, make sure to contact us online or come down to the store if additional info is needed.

Song list:

* 11am
* Aqueous Transmission
* Are You In?
* Blood On The Ground
* Circles
* Echo
* Have You Ever
* Just A Phase
* Mexico
* Nice To Know You
* Under My Umbrella
* Warning
* Wish You Were Here

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