Jam With The Eagles Songbook

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Jam With The Eagles Songbook

The Jam With The Eagles Songbook is a high-quality instructional book for people interested in learning how to play Eagles songs on guitar. This Alfred product is packed with useful info, including lessons on tools that will help extend your stockpile of licks and fills and help develop your improvisational skills. It boasts such timeless hit tunes as Hotel California, One of These Nights, Best of My Love, Life in the Fast Lane, and more. The feature also comes with an instructional CD to showcase what the examples should sound like when properly played.

Explanations are given in standard notation and guitar tab form, all of which are 100 percent accurate and certified. This way you will save time from conducting those endless internet searches and filtering poor quality content on the web, making your practice time more efficient and concise. If additional details and info is needed, don't hesitate to drop us a line through the web, or simply come down to the store, we're always glad to be of help. You can find the full list of tracks below.

Hotel California * Life in the Fast Lane * One of These Nights * Tequila Sunrise * New Kid in Town * Lyin' Eyes * Take It Easy * Best of My Love.

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