Jazz Bass Book and CD 695084

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Jazz Bass Book and online audio HL00695084

The Jazz Bass Book and online audio 695084 is a top-notch learning tool for learning how to play jazz on bass guitar. This Hal Leonard publication features composer and author Ed Frieland delving deep into the world of jazz, explaining how to deliver one of the most intricate styles of bass playing. The release comes as a book + online audio pack, with specific audio examples of how the written examples should sound like, something every student is bound to appreciate and something that will significantly increase the learning speed.

A total of over 50 examples is included in the mix, covering such notable topics as walking bass lines, 3/4 time, the two feel, ballads, bass solos, Latino style, the performance protocol and much more. The book also features a set of seven complete songs. The publication comes as a part of the Bass Builders series where each of the volumes is crafted by an expert of the given field and technique. If additional info and details are required, don't hesitate to come down to the store or contact us through the web.

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