Jazz Keyboard Basic

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Jazz Keyboard Basic 220000

The Jazz Keyboard Basic 220000 is a top-quality learning tool on how to learn to play jazz keyboards. This Hal Leonard publication is packed to the gills with useful info, exercises and concrete words of advice on how to properly dive into the jazz domain and learn the fundamental basics. Although it is primarily aimed towards beginners, the book can also be used by intermediate and advanced players willing to strengthen their crucial basic skills.

Some of the specific topics covered in the release include basic jazz chord voicings, melodies, solo playing, voicings for II-V-I progressions crafted for all major and minor keys, along with a very rich database of over 300 music examples you can play and analyze. All the info presented in the book is 100 percent accurate, meaning that no additional resources are required for the listed subjects. In case additional info and details are required, don't hesitate to come down to the store or contact us through the web.

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