Johnson acoustic guitar player pack

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Johnson JG-610 Series Acoustic Guitar Player Pack

The Johnson JG-610 Series Acoustic Guitar Player Pack is a very affordable guitar beginner pack that will satisfy the needs of every rookie player out there. The JG 610 Pack is surprisingly cheap, yet still manages to encompass all the sonic features a newbie needs. The package comes with the Johnson JG 610 acoustic guitar as its focal point. This is a durable, playable, and very beginner friendly instrument that will give you a proper sound quality, with just enough range and resonance to perform the right tunes.

The guitar will leave you constantly hungry for exploring the musical realm, just like any good instrument should! It features a dreadnought body and a specially-crafted neck angle, ensuring top intonation and playability. Also included in the package is a nylon gig bag, a peg winder for guitar tuning, a strap, and a set of 6 picks. The guitar comes in one of the following color options: Blueburst, Black or Natural. For extra features, do drop us a line!

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