Johnson FI-220 Lap Dulcimer

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Johnson FI-220 Lap Dulcimer

The Johnson FI-220 Lap Dulcimer is the company's high quality version of a traditional instrument known as the dulcimer. A peculiar device, the FI 220 brings the unique spirit of Appalachian right to your fingertips, and is really something different. This instrument is a four string lap dulcimer with a resonant mahogany body and a set of decorative heart shaped sound holes.

The item comes with a custom case for easy transport, along with a scalloped strumming area, a smooth fingerboard with 15 frets and a scale length of 26.5 inches. It utilizes a traditional teardrop shape and a melodious drone that will likely appeal to anyone looking to delve into the realm of American folk tradition. Consult the list below for extra features or feel free to drop us a line.

• 4-String Lap Dulcimer
• Mahogany Body
• Decorative Heart-Shaped Sound Holes
• Scalloped Strumming Area
• 15-Fret Fingerboard
• Scale Length: 26 1/2"
• Includes Custom Featherweight Case

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