Johnson JG-420 Acoustic Guitar

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Johnson JG-420 Acoustic Guitar

The Johnson JG 420 is an affordable acoustic guitar that will surprise you with its rich sonic output and sound quality. The JG 420 comes with a smaller size and a slim, easy to play neck, which makes it perfect for the ladies. So if you were to ask us "What is the best beginner guitar for women?", there's a good chance we'd point you in this guy's direction. Additionally, the contoured 000-style body is perfectly suited for female players, and so is the generous string spacing.

Needless to say, you don't have to be a woman to appreciate the charm of this guitar, but it is quite apparent that finger-pickers in general will appreciate this one more than the plectrum users. The guitar is durable and reliable - treat it right and it will serve you well in years to come. In case you're interested in additional info and details regarding the instrument, feel free to drop us a line online or come down to the store.

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