Jupiter 1028L Trombone

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Jupiter 1028L Trombone

The Jupiter 1028L is a top-notch trombone designed to deliver the best sound and vibe at the lowest possible price. The 1028L comes directly from the workshops of the world's leading manufacturer of brass instrument and offers just about every standard certificate and quality guarantee as the majority of the company's high-end products. This instrument simple screams jazz and is perfect for every environment, whether it's house practice, jam sessions, orchestra work, school ensembles, or recording sessions.

This Jupiter trombone comes in the key of Bb and features a .495-.509-inch dual bore, a yellow brass standard leadpipe, a 7.5'' one-piece hand hammered yellow brass bell, as well as a standard yellow brass handslide with a rounded nickel silver crook. The response on this instrument is off the chart and only further proves why Jupiter are the masters of their game. In the esthetic department, the trombone sports a sleek, elegant lacquer finish. Mouthpiece is included in the mix, as well as a case. Additional specs, details and features ara available in the paragraph below.

Jupiter 1028L Trombone Features:

* Key: Bb

*Bore: .495-.509-inch Dual Bore

* Leadpipe: Standard

* Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass

* Bell: 7.5-inch One-Piece Hand Hammered

* Bell Material: Yellow Brass

* Handslide: Standard

* Handslide Material: Yellow Brass

* Handslide Crook: Rounded Nickel Silver

* F Attachment Wrap: N/A

* F Attachment Valve: N/A * Features: Dual Bore Design

* Case: XO Series Tourlite

* Mouthpiece: Yes

* Mouthpiece Shank: Small

* Finish: Lacquer

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