Jupiter XO 1236L-O Trombone

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Jupiter XO 1236L-O Trombone

The Jupiter XO 1236L-O is a high-quality trombone and one of the common choices of advanced and professional trombone players around the globe. The Jupiter XO 1236-O comes directly from the workshops of the world's leading manufacturer of brass instruments and as such features just about every quality guarantee and standard certificate as the company's high-end products. The sound of this instrument is very much jazz-fueled and is perfect for every playing environment, whether we're talking about house practice, jam sessions, school ensembles, full-on orchestras or studio recording sessions.

This Jupiter trombone comes in the key of Bb or F, and features a .547-inch primary bore with a .563-inch F attachment bore, all part of the large bore XO series, along with three interchangeable yellow brass leadpipes, a yellow or rose brass 8.5-inch hand crafted bell, as well as a standard handslide with brass outer handslide and a chromed inner handslide. Also included in the mix is a large mouthpiece and an XO Tourlite series case. Additional details, specs and features are available in the paragraph below.

Jupiter XO 1236L-O Trombone Features:

* Large Bore XO Series

* Key: Bb/F

* Bore: .547-inch Primary Bore with a .563-inch F Attachment Bore

* Leadpipe: Three Interchangeable

* Leadpipe Material: Yellow Brass

* Bell: 8.5-inch Hand Crafted

* Bell Material: Yellow or Rose Brass

* Handslide: Standard

* Handslide Material: Brass Outer Hanslide and Chromed Inner Handslide

* Handslide Crook Material: Nickel Silver

* F Attachment Wrap: Open

* F Attachment Valve: Standard Rotary or Thayer

* Features: Hand Crafted Bell; Three Interchangeable Leadpipes

* Case XO Tourlite Series

* Mouthpiece: Yes

* Mouthpiece Shank: Large

* Finish: Lacquer

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