Jupiter JOB1000 Oboe

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Jupiter JOB1000 Oboe

The Jupiter JOB1000 is a top-notch oboe that offers a rich, warm sound packed to the gills with killer features at a fairly affordable price, considering the overall quality, of course. The JOB1000 comes straight from the workshops of one of the world's leading manufacturers of brass instruments and offers every quality certificate and standard as its high-end products. Just about every aspect of this instrument is first-class, whether it's the aforementioned sound, built quality and durability, or the gorgeous looks.

Additionally, this Jupiter oboe features a dense, wood-looking plastic body that is durable enough to withstand just about any amount of standard physical damage caused by transport or constant use. It comes in a low Bb key with a set of silver plated keys, and a C/d trill for the musician's left and right hand. Also included in the mix is an adjustable F# or G# articulation. In a nutshell, this instrument is praised by experts as one of the top representatives of its niche branch. As always, you can buy Jupiter JOB1000 oboe at the lowest price on the web right here at DC Music Store. A brief rundown of features and specs is available below.

Jupiter 355 Oboe Brief List of Features:

* Durable plastic body holds up well under tough, school band conditions.
* L and R hand C/D trill, adjustable F#/G# articulation,

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