Jupiter 511RBSO Flute

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Jupiter 511RBSO Flute with offset G

The Jupiter 511RBSO is a quality flute that offers top-notch sound at an affordable price coming straight from the factories of one of the world's leading and most renowned manufacturers of brass instruments. The 511RBSO is a fine choice for beginner flute players, but also more experienced individuals and even seasoned musicians. This specific series implements a high nickel content within the instrument tubing, resulting in high quality sonic output with a budget friendly price tag. Speaking of which, the sound is warm, strong and bright, just as it should be.

Apart from a silver plated nickel silver headjoint, foot, and body, this Jupiter flute also features a set of silver plated French style keys, and a B foot. Also included in the mix is a holding case, a cleaning rod, as well as additional care products. The built is sturdy and strong, and the instrument is fairly resistant to standard minor physical damage inflicted through constant use and transport. Make sure to check out any additional stats, details and features in the section below or purchase this Jupiter flute at the lowest price at DC Music Store.

Jupiter 511RBSO Features:

* Silver-plated nickel silver headjoint, body, and foot
* Silver-plated French style keys
* B Foot
* Includes: case / cleaning rod / care products

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