Jupiter JBC1000N Bass Clarinet

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Jupiter JBC100N Bb Bass Clarinet

The Jupiter 1000N is a high-quality bass clarinet that offers exquisite sound and built quality, making it one of the most demanded instruments of its niche on the market. The 1000N comes straight from the workshops of the world's leading manufacturer of brass instruments, and includes every quality certificate and standard guarantee as any of the company's high-end products. The sound is definitely the strongest point of 1000N, although the built quality, looks, and overall affordability aren't lagging far behind either.

This Jupiter bass clarinet also features an ABS resin body with adjustable floor peg, a set of undercut tone holes, inline trill keys, as well as forged nickel silver keys. It's a Bb bass clarinet and also features a low Eb on body. It's perfectly suitable for every musical opportunity, whether we're talking about home practice, a school band, jazz ensemble, a full-on orchestra or a recording studio. The tone on this beauty allows you to be heard and distinguished any time, any place. Also indued in the mix is a multi-section wood case for transport, make sure to check out he full list of additional details, specs and features in the paragraph below.

Jupiter 1000N Bass Clarinet Features

* Bb bass clarinet
* ABS resin body with adjustable floor peg
* Undercut tone holes
* Inline trill keys
* Forged nickel silver keys
* Low Eb on body
* Multi-section wood-frame case

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