Jupiter Flute 511RBS

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Jupiter Flute 511RBS

The Jupiter 511RBS is an open hole silver flute and one of the company's most popular products within the given class and price range. The 511RBS comes with a fairly affordable price considering the quality it offers, as this flute produces a first-rate warm, strong and distinctive sound. The flute fits a vast array of styles, so if you're looking to play classical and jazz music and then rock out some Jethro Tull on the side, the 511RBS has you well covered. The instrument is fairly strong on the outside, although flutes are an instrument you need to be careful with, and is generally capable of withstanding a decent amount of minor physical damage.

This Jupiter flute features a sleek and elegant silver plated exterior case, a B foot, a gizmo key, as well as neatly hidden adjustment screws, ribbed construction and comes with a molded case. Considering the quality, the price of this instrument is fairly affordable and we highly recommend giving it a go. As always, you can find and buy Jupiter instruments at the lowest price right here at DC Music Store, make sure to check out the full list of details, specs and features in the section below.

Details on the Jupiter Flute 511RBS Open Hole Silver: Jupiter Flute 511RBS Open Hole Silver
• Open Hole
• Silver-Plated
• Inline
• B Foot
• Gizmo Key
• hidden adjustment screws
• ribbed construction
• molded case

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