K&K Sound Pure Preamp

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K&K Sound Systems Pure Preamp:

     The K&K Sound Systems Pure Preamp Single Channel Belt Clip Preamp for acoustic pickups. K&K is known in the industry for creating magnificent sounding equipment and this preamp is certainly one of their most popular items.

     The K & K Pure Preamp has a twenty decibel plus or minus for adjusting your bass, mids and also treble. Included is a belt clip for easy use along with a pickup while playing guitar or a different instrument your using this preamp with. K&K gives you a mid-range filter that has a very large range making it much easier to adjust your tone of your pickup with this pre-amp. It can respond as low as an amazing 10 hertz to an incredible thirty thousand hertz so the full spectrum of sound is covered. Bass has a roll-off set at 100 hertz and one point five k is the set mid-range. Treble is set at ten thousand hertz. Batteries typically last in the one hundred and eighty hours and more range.

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