Kat KT3 Electronic drum kit

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Kat KT3 Electronic drum kit

The KT3 is a fantasic electronic drumset from the KAT company that featires an astonishing sounding six piece kit. You get a eleven inch snare and toms pad and a twelve inch hi hat as well as two twelve inch crash cymbals along with a sixteen inch ride cymbal.

The KT3 gives you forty five drumsets as well as the ability to program another twenty five user presets. You get a hundred songs that you can play along with programmed into Kat's KT3 drum module. Five hundred and fifty sounds that cover drums, cymbals, DJ, effects as well as percussion sounds. Imagine having over five hundred acoustic drums or seventy drumsets all hanging around you witht he abaility to access in no time. Simply impossible. But possible with the KT3 from Kat. This is the beauty of a quality electronic drumset with fantastic drumkit sounds as this one has. You're not stuck with one drumset an cymbals to play all the time.

Connect into the KT3 with any audio source with a three and a half millimeter typcial cable so you can rehearse along with your ipod, mp3 player etc. and connect out with mono or stereo quarter inch outputs.


advanced, high performance
digital drum set


• KT3 USB/MIDI Trigger Sound Module
• 11" Dual-zone snare pad
• (2) 9" Dual Zone tom pads
• (2) 11" Dual Zone Floor Tom pads
• Shock absorption Kick Tower w/ 9" pad
• Hi-Hat Controller
• (2) 12" dual zone crash cymbals
• (1) 14" dual zone ride cymbal w/ bell trigger
• (1) 12" hi-hat cymbal
• (3) Boom cymbal arms
• (1) Straight hi-hat arm
• Drum rack w/ mounting hardware
• Silent Strike bass drum beater
• Multi-pin cable harness
• (2) 8' stereo trigger cables
• (1) Pair of drumsticks
• Drum key
• (5) Velcro cable ties
• Assembly Instructions
• User Manual

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