KB19 Hamilton Capo

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KB19 Hamilton Capo. This is a guitar capo for acoustic or electric guitars. The "KB19 from Hamilton" has been one of the most popular capos over time for guitarists. Simply swing the bar around the fingerboard and screw the clamp tight and your capo is ready to use.

Capos are used by many guitarists. Use them for allowing you to use the open strings in different keys than you normally could. As guitar players we always love the sound of open string chords when fingering, strumming or sliding as a slide player. As an example, lets say that you have a song in the key of C but you want to use some great fingerpicking that you do in the key of G. Simply capo the guitar at the 5th fret and play your G and it's now actually a C chord. Let's say another example is the song is in the key of C but the song is a bit to high for you. The song was using C F and G chords. You could capo at the 4th fret and play a G, C and D chord and it would bring the key down one half of a step to the key of B. You could continue going down to the 3rd, 2nd or first fret lowering the key of the song. You can also of course do the opposite. When a song is in the key of A and you want it to be in A# just capo at the first fret. Continue going up the neck raising the key higher. Have a song in Eb? No problem. Capo at the first and play a D and you don't have to be stuck with bar chords.

James Taylor and many others made careers out of using capos up the neck to get great finger-picking in different keys. Countless other musician's use if for all genres of music. Every guitarist should have one, get yours today at DC Music Store!

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