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Keynote Speller

Keynote speller is a book from John Schaum aiming to help students read music faster. It's intended for all audiences, whether it's children, teenagers or adults. Keynote speller grants you a visual image of all the notes, as well as their keyboard location by using a miniature diagram printed just beneath each measure. This simulates a real music reading situation and helps students to better correlate note locations with their appropriate keyboard spot, increasing the pace of the learning process.

The item easily integrates with all piano methods and offers a way to better understand a series of concepts such as correlating slogans, grand staff spelling, key signature spelling and much more.


Grand staff
Note finding using line and space slogans
Leger line notes between the staffs
Key signature spelling (D major, B-flat major and A major)
Leger line notes above treble staff and below bass staff
Harmonic and melodic intervals
3-note chords in treble and bass staffs

KeynoteSpeller Primer:

Piano Level - Early Elementary

This book helps students read music faster. A miniature piano diagram is printed beneath each measure, showing a real music reading situation.

Keynote-Speller Level One 1:

Piano Level - Elementary

This book helps students read music faster. These spellers give an image of the notes and their locations.

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