Learn to Play Bass with Metallica

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Learn to Play Bass with Metallica book 2500189

The Learn to Play Bass with Metallica book 2500189 is a detailed and info-packed guide on how to learn to play Metallica songs on bass guitar. This Hal Leonard publication features a set of over 35 songs performed both by late great Cliff Burton and his successor on the four-string, Mr. Jason Newsted. The book includes instructions from Joe Charupakorn, along with an included online audio with full demonstrations of each of the lessons. Some of the classics covered in the release include "Master of Puppets," "For Whom the Bell Tolls," "Wherever I May Roam," "Eye of the Beholder," and many more

All transcriptions are 100 percent accurate and you won't need a single additional resource to master the goods. This will save you time and energy from performing web searches and filter through poor quality content on the web. You can find the full song list below, feel free to contact us online if additional info and details are needed.

Song list:

* 2 x 4
* Bad Seed
* Battery
* Blackened
* Creeping Death
* Cure
* Damage, Inc.
* Enter Sandman
* Escape
* Eye Of The Beholder
* Fade To Black
* Fight Fire With Fire
* For Whom The Bell Tolls
* Fuel
* Hero Of The Day
* Jump In The Fire
* Leper Messiah
* Mama Said
* Master Of Puppets
* No Remorse
* Of Wolf And Man
* One
* Orion
* Phantom Lord
* Prince Charming
* Ride The Lightning
* Sad But True
* Seek & Destroy
* The Call Of Ktulu
* The Memory Remains
* The Outlaw Torn
* The Struggle Within
* The Unforgiven
* Until It Sleeps
* Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
* Wherever I May Roam

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