LED Color Mixing Flat Screen MBT LEDFSRGB

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LED Color Mixing Flat Screen at DC Music. Thank you for your interest in the LED Color Mixing Flat Screen. MBT LED Color Mixing Flat Screen. LEDFSRGB. 64 red, 64 green, 64 blue LEDs can combine using a DMX controller to project virtually any color in the rainbow. 6 DMX channel control. 8 chase programs plus audio chase. 192 bright LEDs. Can be used with standard DMX controllers or as freestanding lights via built-in programs. 15.5” wide, 9.5” high and only 4” thick, making them very useful to nightclubs, DJs and bands because of its compact size. A hanging bracket is attached so it can be mounted on trussing, stands, walls and ceilings. Includes DMX in and out connections, DIP switches for DMX addressing and an internal audio mic with sensitivity control for sound-controlled functions. Although sophisticated and bright, it only uses 17 watts of power.

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