Left Handed Guitar Book

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The Left Handed Guitar Book is your No. 1 resource of guitar knowledge if you happen to be a left-handed guitarist. This Hal Leonard publication features composer Troy Stetina diving deep into the matter and crafting a unique string of guidelines for all you south paws out there. The book covers a lot of ground, with useful info for players of any skill level, ranging from fresh beginners to seasoned pros. Some of the topics covered here include chords, guitar riffs, scales, strumming, tuning, theory, reading tabs and notation, and a lot more. Accompanying online audio as well.

The release focuses on a variety of musical genres and playing styles, including blues, rock, fingerpicking and more. Also included in the mix are diagrams, photos and grids crafted exclusively for left-handed guitarists.All the info presented in the book is 100 percent accurate, saving you time and making your practice hours more efficient, all while retaining a fair and affordable price tag. If additional info and details are needed, don't hesitate to contact us through the web or come down to the store.

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