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Let's Jam! CD Drums. Let's Jam! for Drummers by Peter Vogl is a unique practice CD made just for drummers. The most important thing for a drummer is playing in time and, up to now, it’s been very hard for a drummer to practice. Now you can leave your drums set up at home and practice with a full band.

This CD covers a wide variety of music including rock, blues, reggae, pop, and funk. There are two versions of each song, a short track with drums to show what can be played on each song, and a 3 to 4 minute version without drums that you can jam along with. Each version has a click track set up exactly like you would hear in a recording studio and the CD booklet has the drum part notated which reinforces reading music.

The CD features 14 original jams tracks that you can use to create your own drum beats and solos.

Length: 72 minutes


1. Intro :51

2. E7#9 with drums 1:08

3. E7#9 w/o drums 4:16

4. Bm Funky with drums :54

5. Bm Funky w/o drums 4:30

6. Am Is with drums 1:10

7. Am Is w/o drums 4:17

8. Rock In B with drums :42

9. Rock In B w/o drums 3:54

10. Slow Blues with drums :50

11. Slow Blues w/o drums 4:38

12. Gm Reggae with drums 1:07

13. Gm Reggae w/o drums 4:39

14. Rock Ballad with drums :54

15. Rock Ballad w/o drums 3:55 Features

16. Raw Power with drums :47

17. Raw Power w/o drums 3:27

18. Pull The String with drums :52

19. Pull The String w/o drums 4:21

20. Rock Vamp with drums 1:03

21. Rock Vamp w/o drums 5:16

22. Steady in Em with drums 1:08

23. Steady in Em w/o drums 3:46

24. Mess’n in G with drums :58

25. Mess’n in G w/o drums 4:14

26. Shine in E with drums 1:15

27. Shine in E w/o drums 4:18

28. C Waltz with drums 1:05

29. C Waltz w/o drums 4:08

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