Let's Jam! CD Hard Rock

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Let's Jam! CD Hard Rock. Let's Jam! CD Hard Rock by Peter Vogl is a high quality audio CD containing 15 dynamic jam tracks of hard rock music from the 70's, 80's, & 90's. Recorded "live" by top studio musicians from the Southeast, you get the impression of being surrounded by the band. The extended jams (3 to 4 minutes each) are in a wide variety of keys and grooves, allowing you to practice using different scales and soloing concepts.

Also included is a helpful 16 page instruction booklet with rhythm charts and soloing tips for each song. Use this exciting and fun tool to improve soloing and improvisation skills for guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, saxophone, and vocals.

Track List: Tuning, E7#9, D.O.A., Minor Vanesque, Vanesque, Nasty Shuffle, Rock Ballad in C, Rock Vamp in Am, Raw Power, Rock in B, Static in D, C Tuned Rock, Em at 250, Newo Sweep, Rock in G, Gm Groove

Length: 60 minutes

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