Ludwig Junior Drum Set

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Ludwig Junior Drum Set. This is a playable jr sized drum set with tunable heads, cymbal and hi-hat stands, plus a junior throne. The 16" bass drum is the perfect size to mount the 8" and 10" mounted toms to get the little musician in your house grooving like Gadd.

Ludwig Junior Drum Set Features:

    • 16" x 10" bass drum with double tom holder

    • 13" x 10" floor tom with legs

    • 10" x 5" tom with mount

    • 8" x 5" tom with mount

    • 4" x 12" snare with strainer

    • Bass drum pedal

    • Snare stand

    • Cymbal stand with cymbal

    • Hi-hat stand with cymbals

    • Drum throne

    • Steel shell snare drum


Ludwig Junior Drum Set at DC Music Store!

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