Ludwig Snare Drum Kit (Model LE2477RBR)

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Ludwig Snare Drum Kit (Model LE2477RBR)

Now available at DC Music, Ludwig snare drum kit LE2477RBR. Ludwig offers the highest quality percussion instruments available for school band, as well as professional drum kits. This particular snare drum is intended for us in the school band. Rolling Drum Kit with 5x14" steel shell chrome-plated 10 lug snare drum, Rolling bag, Rubber practice pad, 2B drumsticks, snare stand, drum includes internal tone control.

  • Snare - 5x14" Metal Shell Snare Drum

  • Stand - LC621SS Classic

  • Bag/Case - New multi-compartment bag design features durable rubber wheels, telescoping pull handle, stylish black & red padded nylon material with heavy duty zippers.

  • Accessories - Rubber Practice Pad and Drum Sticks

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