Luminator spotlight - spot light

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Luminator spotlight - spot light. A ruggedly constructed short to medium throw follow spot, the Luminator produces a narrow, hard or soft edged beam which zooms from 1.3 degrees to 9.3 degrees. With top mounted iris, color boom, and dimmer control handles, this easy to use follow spot is designed to utilize the unique high performance FLE, ENX and FXL quartz halogen lamps. The Luminator can be used in any application where manual control of a lighting beam is required to follow a performer and to vary beam size, quality and color. Specifications: The luminaire shall be up to a 410-watt follow spot designed to accept the FLE, ENX, or FXL quartz projector lamps. For strength and heat dissipation, the housing shall be constructed of an extruded aluminum outer shell and die-cast aluminum interior optical train. The optical system shall consist of a lampholder assembly mounted on a fixed plate with three adjustable thumbscrews for precise tuning and adjustment. The lamp shall consist of a tungsten halogen 360-watt lamp permanently positioned in a dichroic-coated glass reflector for optimum performance. Units not incorporating this lamp shall not be acceptable. Luminaire shall be supplied with an on/off switch, a top-mounted six lever color boom friction type, a quiet fan-operated forced air cooling system, and integral 120-volt to 82-volt step down transformer and a 25 grounded cable. Also supplied shall be the mechanical dimmer, and the iris controls all top-mounted. Unit shall incorporate ambidextrous controls. An adjustable castered stand with cable hook shall be included. Complete fixture assembly including stand shall be capable of being shipped via UPS. The minimum light output of the luminaire with lamp operated at rated output shall be 380,000 beam candlepower in spot. At 60 the zoom lens system shall provide a variable of 1.4 to 9.7 and center intensity of 106 foot-candles to 45 foot-candles will be provided. Finish shall be Epoxy Sandtex black, electrostatic application.

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