Making Music Make Money

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Making Music Make Money

The Making Music Make Money is an insider's guide on how to become your own published and how to turn your musicianship into a profession. This Hal Leonard publication features composer and author Eric Beall offering a string of tips and guidelines on mastering the business side of things. While musicianship and songwriting should always be your No. 1 priority, knowing the other side is also a must, especially these days.

Some of the topics covered in the book include learning what the role of a music published is, copyright, getting your music copyrighted, how to use copyright, making money from copyrighted material, making a business plan, identifying which songs to sell and to whom, and much more. The release stretches across lengthy 258 pages, featuring a tad smaller size of 6 x 9 inches. If additional info and details are needed, don't hesitate to contact us online or come down to the store.

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