Mandolin pack Johnson PlayerPac MA-KIT

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Mandolin Pack Johnson PlayerPac MA-KIT

The Mandolin Pack Johnson PlayerPac MA-KIT is a quality player pack ideal for musicians looking to master the mandolin. The MA KIT includes a set of five items that will help you kick off your musical journey or improve your existing knowledge. The pack's focal point is the A Model Mandolin (MA 100) with sunburst finish, a nifty mandolin ideal for players of all skill levels.

The set also features an instructional DVD to help you master the mandolin, a padded nylon bag to keep your instrument safe from physical damage at all time, a set of patch pipes, and some celluloid picks. If you want the best mandolin player pack, this is it! Affordable, quality sound with high durability - what more can a musician ask for. Finally, if you need extra info about the instrument, feel free to drop us a line or come down to the store.


• A-Model Mandolin (MA-100) w/ Sunburst Finish
• Instructional DVD
• Padded Nylon Bag
• Pitch Pipes
• Celluloid Picks

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