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Mapping out your songs - FREE SONGWRITING TIPS! Order this FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD item by adding it to your cart and checking out. Be sure to use your correct e-mail address as we'll e-mail you a free copy of "Mapping out your songs"" an article from the book "Songwriting Fundamentals" at no charge. If your interested in the book please order it here. There are also many other songwriting books available as well as an entire music store on our site. Be sure you fill in your correct e-mail address when checking out and then check your e-mail for the article. If you have problems please contact us. You will need to check out to order this item but you will NOT need a credit card # to order as this item is a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Learn how to "Map out your songs" which will make your songs much more organized and professional. Discover tricks of the trade from Dave Byers, author of the book "The Songwriting Fundamentals" as he reveals techniques that will quickly and greatly improve your songwriting.

So simply click "add to cart" on this page, then checkout using your name, address and e-mail. No credit card information will be required, and we will e-mail you this free download.

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