Marshall DSL40C Guitar Amplifier

Product image 1Marshall DSL40C
Product image 2Marshall DSL40C Guitar Amplifier

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Marshall DSL40C Amplifier

The Marshall DSL40C guitar combo amp is a popular and versatile 2-channel combo amp that packs a punch. A resonance control along with studio quality reverb and a real panel Pentode/Triode give you plenty of options for shaping your tone, as well as a Rear Panel FX loop. It has the same front and rear panel as the popular DSL100H which includes level and volume knobs for each gain and reverb as well as Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence and Resonance for equalisation. The rear panel includes your Pentode/Triode switch for playing at full or half power, your FX loop and pedal switch input, and 2 8-Ohm and a 16-Ohm speaker outputs. This all-tube amp runs on 3 ECC83 Preamp tubes and 1 ECC83 and 2 EL34 Poweramp tubes to deliver that legendary Marshall sound. An included footswitch enables quick changing between the two Classic Gain and Ultra Gain channels, and each channel includes two different modes for added versatility. The DSL40C is equipped with a single 12" Celestion 70/80 speaker for great sound quality. Be sure to check out the rest of our Marshall amplifiers and accessories to find the perfect amp for your needs!


  • 40W Tube Power

  • Pentode/Triode switch to change between 40W and 20W power

  • Two footswitch controlled channels of Classic Gain and Ultra Gain

  • Two modes per channel for added flexibility

  • 1x12" Celestion Speaker

  • Shared 5 Way EQ with Treble, Middle, Bass, Presence and Resonance

  • Mid-shift button gives added tonal flexibility

  • Bypassable series FX Loop

  • Dimensions: 24.4" X 19.3" X 9.9"

  • Weighs 50.5 lbs

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