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Melody in songwriting book 50449419

The Melody in songwriting book 50449419 is a high quality guide on how to be a better songwriter. This Hal Leonard publication dives deep into the songwriting realm with instructor Jack Perricone guiding you through a string of styles, techniques and learning methods. The release is founded on the idea that melody writing is a skill that can be learned, proceeding to teach you through a string of proven techniques and tools.

The book will teach you how to write memorable melodies and meet the dynamic relationships between harmony, rhythm, melody, and rhyme. It is clear, concise, and comprehensive, always pushing you to strive for more. The featured exercises are an effective self-teaching manual and a nifty addition to any general theory course. If additional info and details are required, don't hesitate to come down to the store or contact us through the web. As always, you can buy songwriting books at the lowest price online right here at DC Music Store.

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