MIDI Production Sound advice

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MIDI Production Sound advice book 31004

The MIDI Production Sound advice book 31004 is a top quality learning tool crafted for improving your skills in the area of MIDI production. This Hal Leonard publication will teach you how to use the given communication protocol to enhance and improve your recordings. Not matter whether you are looking to craft a full-on MIDI fest, or just support an acoustic recording or synchronizing equipment, this guide will come in incredibly handy to guide you along the way.

Since the first implementation back in the '80s, MIDI came a long way, and now has a vast array of application in a variety of fields, including effect processors, sound modules, keyboards, mixers, recorders, triggers, and many other controllers. You will learn how to appreciate the MIDI realm, get a deeper understanding of the whole concept and arm yourself with some valuable and highly practical knowledge, all at a fair and affordable price tag. If you need more info and details, feel free to drop us a line or come down to the store.

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