Modern Rock Drum Beats Loops

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Modern Rock Drum Beats Loops

The Modern Rock Drum Beats Loops is a nifty learning tool focused on mastering the modern drum beats and loops of the rock domain. This Hal Leonard publication comes as a part of the renowned Sound Library Series in softcover format. The book sees author and composer Scott Schroedl offering a string of top-quality advice, tips and tricks. Also included in the mix is an accompanying audio CD with specific examples to make the learning process faster and more efficient.

This release is crafted both for amateurs and professional recording studios, featuring a variety of content for all skill levels. 101 basic beats are included in the mix, along with hundreds of variations, such as fills, intros, accents, endings and a complete set of one-shots on the CD. Files are in standard .WAV format for use with any looping program, including Sonic Foundry's ACID and Fruity Loops. As a bonus, packs also include an audio CD with 99 tracks for demo and play-along, and a book with standard notation. If additional info is needed, feel free to contact us online or come down to the store.

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