Music theory grade 2

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Music theory grade 2

The Music theory grade 2 is a concise release aimed at people looking for answers on how to learn music theory. This Mel Bay publication is packed with useful info, featuring lessons on relative major and minor keys, intervals, music form, harmonic minor scales, and more. Praised as one of the finest tools of its branch, this release arrives in a durable package that will last many years as long as you treat it properly.

The great thing about this publication is that it saves you time from those long internet searches and lets you focus on your playing, making your practice hours much more efficient and effective. All the goods are presented in tab and notation form, all of which are 100 percent accurate and concise. In case extra info and details are required, feel free to contact us over the internet, or simply come down to the store, we're always glad to be of help.

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