Norah Jones Come Away With Me Songbook

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Norah Jones Come Away With Me Songbook

The Norah Jones Come Away With Me Songbook is a detailed and 100 percent accurate guide on learning each of the songs from Norah Jones' classic debut album "Come Away With Me." This Hal Leonard publication features each of the record's 14 tunes, including such hit tunes as "I've Got To See You Again," "The Long Day Is Over," "The Nearness Of You," as well as the musician's smash hit and Song of the Year - "Don't Know Why."

Released in February 2002, the album sold over 18 million units and earned the lady a total of 8 Grammy Awards, including the flattering title of the Best New Artist. Fans and music experts agree that this one is a genuine classic of the jazz/pop crossover style. You can check out the full track listing right below, make sure to contact us through the web or come down to the store if additional info and details are required.

Song list:

* Cold, Cold Heart
* Come Away With Me
* Don't Know Why
* Feelin' The Same Way
* I've Got To See You Again
* Lonestar
* Nightingale
* One Flight Down
* Painter Song
* Seven Years
* Shoot The Moon
* The Long Day Is Over
* The Nearness Of You
* Turn Me On

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