Peavey 16.5 Volt Power Supply II Adapter

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Peavey 16.5 Volt Power Supply II Adapter:

     This is a Peavey licensed official 16.5 Volt Power Supply Adapter for Peavey mixers Pv6 Pv8 Pv14, the Spectrum Organ Module and hundreds of Peavey products over the last 30 years that use the 16VAC 1 amp/1000ma power adapter supply. This unit is not for the USB powered mixers as those require 15 volt adapters which we also sell but is a different unit. This is a sixteen point five volt unit. We carry many of this brands equipment from loudspeakers to mixers, amplifiers, instruments and accessories. We guarantee you the lowest price and are happy to help you with any questions.


  • Internal one-shot thermal fuse protection
  • Equipped with 2.1 mm barrel-type connector
  • 16 to 16.5 volt AC power supply at 1000 MA

This works with the Specturm Organ Module and all Peavey products 16V / 16.5V AC. This power supply works on hundreds of Peavey products. Going back for 30 years. Where the power supply connects in the rear will say " 16VAC 1 amp/1000ma ", etc.

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