Peavey 9 Volt Battery

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Peavey 9 Volt Battery 9V. Item 00050130 is a Alkaline nine volt battery from Peavey on sale at DC Music Store. These batteries are used by many musicians around the world in their wireless devices, guitars etc. Peavey makes these 9 volts to withstand the demands of high use and they can be trusted to perform very well for you. The Ultra Alkaline is sold individually and is a standard dimension for replacement in any standard application. At DC Music Store we stock other batteries such as AA, AAA and more as well as Peavey's entire line of musical products and accessories.

Peavey 9 Volt Battery 9V Features:

- Ultra Alkaline design for long use
- Packaged one battery per card
- Weight Unpacked: 0.11 lb(0.052 kg)
- Replacement for all 9v uses

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