Peavey Crossover bulb Fuse 30902306

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Peavey Crossover bulb Fuse 30902306. This is a Peavey Crossover bulb Fuse w/ End Caps 30902306. This is the fuse used in Peavey products DJS5, Quadra, SPX, TLS4X, QW Series, PR Series, Newer SP Series, Impulse 100,1012,1015. pr10, pr12, pr15, sp2, sp3, sp4, sp5, sp6, qw4f, qwml, qwmr, qw2f

Replacement lamp (fuse) for Peavey PR Series Crossovers.

If you fed a little too much power to your Peavey PR-15, this is the fuse that will cure all your troubles. We get these directly from the Peavey factory so you can be sure that they will maintain the factory performance you have come to expect from their Peavey PR-15.

12.8 V 2.1 A Fuses for Peavey PR-15

If you open the rear of your Peavey PR-15 and discover that you have nuked your fuse in the crossover network, this fuse will get your show back up and running at full strength!

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