Peavey Ecoustic E110

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Peavey Ecoustic E110 acoustic guitar amplifier. A big seller from the Peavey ESeries of Acoustic Amplifiers. The E110 amp gives you a complete Coffee house sound system in one. Plug in your microphone to one channel and your acoustic guitar into the other and your ready to gig. The E110 is a portable acoustic amplifier from Peavey that feature a nine band graphic equalizer. This allows you to hone in and dial in your tone.

An E300 foot controller can be connected and give you control over the amp at your feet. You get one hundred watts of power which will more than adequately fill small and medium size rooms.

Effects will enhance your sound and with the Peavey E110 Acoustic Amplifier you can dial in delay, chorus or reverb to either your guitar or vocals. With the E110 foot controller you can even use a thirty second looper.

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A complete portable acoustic guitar amplifier and PA system with excellent built-in effects and features
2 independent channels (both with XLR combo input jacks) let you plug in both your acoustic guitar and your microphone
100 watts of power drive a 10" full-range loudspeaker with a high-frequency horn
Channel one features a 9-band graphic equalizer, plus a phase-inversion switch and a sweepable notch filter to eliminate feedback
Channel two includes a high-quality microphone preamplifier and a 2-band shelving equalizer
Built-in reverb, delay, and chorus effects let you add depth and dimension to your sound
Assign effects to either of the two input channels
Optional E300 foot controller lets you toggle the tuner/mute output, select from 8 different effects presets, an access the built-in 30-second looper

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