Peavey Millennium 5 String BXP Bass Guitar:Tiger Eye

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Peavey Millennium 5 String BXP Bass Guitar. Peavey's new Millennium(R) 5 BXP electric bass is a perfect balance of beauty and brawn. A real maple quilt top maple veneer provides stellar looks at a whole new price point. The 34 inch scale smooth satin finish neck is made of hard rock maple with rosewood fretboard. We've also included our string through body design for added sustain and power it up with two straight single coil humbuckers. The result is a beautiful bass with awesome sound and versatility. Try the Millennium(R) 5 BXP to feel the spectacular action and smooth, even tone. To top it all off we've added a five year warranty. Simply the best five string electric bass in this price range.


Peavey Millennium 5 String BXP Bass Guitar Features * 34 inch scale * 5-string * Hard rock maple neck with rosewood fretboard * Basswood body with quilt top * String-thru-body * Two straight single coil, hum-canceling pickups * Case not included * Weight Unpacked: 9 * Width Unpacked: 13 * Depth Unpacked: 2.5 * Height Unpacked: 46 * Weight Packed: 11 * Width Packed: 15.725 * Depth Packed: 3.5 * Height Packed: 47.5


Peavey Millennium 5 String BXP Bass Guitar

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