Peavey PR10 Crossover 30501591

Product image 1Peavey PR10 Crossover 30501591
Product image 2Peavey PR10 Crossover 30501591

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Replacement crossover board for Peavey PR10 PA speaker. Model number 30501591 from Peavey, this is a "replacement crossover" for your "PR10 Peavey speaker" cabinet. This is a factory authorized piece and DC Music Store is an authorized reseller and dealer with Peavey.

This replacement crossover is easy to install in your Peavey PR10 Speaker Cabinet. Simply unscrew the current crossover and disconnect a couple wires from the speaker and horn and replace it with the new one. Item 30501591 in the inventory. At DC Music Store we specialize in speaker components including replacement horns, speakers (woofers) crossovers and many other parts for your sound system. We also carry the full line of Peavey's mixers, processors, amplifiers, instruments and more.

This is something you can easily change on your own and save money. Save at DC Music Store and let us know if you have any questions.

 At this time, Peavey is phasing out of having labels on some of their actual crossovers. So there is a possibility you could receive an unmarked crossover. There are some other avenues of approach you could take to use your current label. Here are a few options: Using a heat gun, remove the label from the existing crossover and apply it to the replacement crossover. Another method you could try is to transfer the guts of the replacement crossover to the existing crossover cup.

Measurements & Dimensions for this crossover are:

Measurements of the crossover are 3 3/4" x 5 3/4" for the actual unit (that a hole in the cab would need to be) but it has ears all around it so that it can be screwed into a cab (with holes for screws) that extend 5/16" inch all the way around. This gives it a total dimension of about 5" x 7" inches. Depth is two and a half of an inch from the very front of the unit to the deepest part that extrudes out of the back. (the fuse sticks out the farthest)


See the other pic which shows the back of the crossover.

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