Peavey PR15 Replacement Crossover

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Peavey PR15 Replacement Crossover 30501593. This is a replacement crossover for Peavey speaker cabinets but we have many customers who use them in other brands of speakers. Often if your highs are out you can replace your horn driver and fix the problem. But sometimes the crossover is blown and this is that replacement crossover. Fuse is included. This is the direct factory replacement crossover for a PR15 speaker from Peavey. UIt is built to it's specifications of the cab using a fifteen inch speaker and horn and it's wattage rating and capacity. At DC Music Store we stock a wide range of replacement component parts for Peavey and many other brands. Call or chat with us should you have any questions. We ship items all over the world and have served musicians since 1998.

The crossover frequency in the PR 15 is 3KHz.


At this time, Peavey is phasing out of having labels on some of their actual crossovers. So there is a possibility you could receive an unmarked crossover. There are some other avenues of approach you could take to use your current label. Here are a few options: Using a heat gun, remove the label from the existing crossover and apply it to the replacement crossover. Another method you could try is to transfer the guts of the replacement crossover to the existing crossover cup.

Replacement crossover for Peavey PR15 PA speaker, model or item number 30501593.
Genuine Peavey X-over for PR15 passive PA speakers. This Peavey cross-over part number 30501593 replaces previous cross-over 70501558.
The genuine Peavey crossover board includes RX 14 HF driver protection, 2 x 6.3mm (1/4") female jack sockets and cabling to connect to the main PA speaker and the high frequency driver.
The x-over board has pre drilled holes for mounting onto the PR15 input socket panel.

Peavey crossover 30501593. Wiring is as follows:
Red: High Frequency Positive
Black: High Frequency Negative
Yellow: Low Frequency (Woofer) Positive
Blue: Low Frequency (Woofer) Negative
If your High Frequency Driver is not marked '+' or '-', there are bumps indicating positive and negative.
One bump is Positive, Two bumps is Negative


Measurements & Dimensions for this crossover are:

Measurements of the crossover are 3 3/4" x 5 3/4" for the actual unit (that a hole in the cab would need to be) but it has ears all around it so that it can be screwed into a cab (with holes for screws) that extend 5/16" inch all the way around. This gives it a total dimension of about 5" x 7" inches. Depth is two and a half of an inch from the very front of the unit to the deepest part that extrudes out of the back. (the fuse sticks out the farthest)

See the other pic which shows the back of the crossover.

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