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Peavey PV118 Crossover Part # 70501224 for the Peavey PV 118 subwoofer. This is a replacement crossover only to replace your defective crossover. Replacing the "PV118 crossover subwoofer speaker" is just a matter of unscrewing the old, disconnecting the wires from the woofer speaker and horn and replacing with the new crossover. Ours is a authentic, factory authorized replacement crossover and we are a Peavey dealer. This is not a knock off or imitation part.

The PV 118 has a inductor that rolls off the higher frequencies above 180Hz by (-)6dB/octave. It doesn't have a crossover high output so any speaker connected in parallel with it will continue to receive a full range signal.

This is a sub woofer unit and has two Low pass inputs wired in parallel for quarter inch jack inputs are supplied. It is an 8 ohm unit with a maximum power rating of four hundred watts program power.

We're often asked if this crossover will work in other speakers and it will. Cross-overs are like traffic cops where they simply send the low signals one way and the highs the other. However, this one is made for PV118 so it will pass off the highs and send only the lows to the woofer. It is designed and the crossover set for the intended speaker though if you have a similar sub woofer it would certainly work. You may need to re-size the opening of your cabinet so it would fit well though as crossovers are different sizes from different companies.

Measurements & Dimensions for this crossover are:

Measurements of the crossover are 3 3/4" x 5 3/4" for the actual unit (that a hole in the cab would need to be) but it has ears all around it so that it can be screwed into a cab (with holes for screws) that extend 11/16" inch all the way around. This gives it a total dimension of about 5 1/4" x 7 1/8" inches. Depth is four inches from the very front of the unit to the deepest part that extrudes out of the back.

See the other pic which shows the back of the crossover.

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