Peavey PVI 2 White Microphone

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Peavey PVI 2 White Microphone. The PVi 2 microphone handheld is an affordable dynamic cardioid mic taylored in its tone coloration for vocals. It comes with a specially designed Peavey windscreen with rubber ring to absorb impact, an on/off switch, and 6 meter XLR mic cable. The Peavey vocal mic model number PVI 2 also includes with a carrying pouch and mic clip.

This mic is at home with speaking applicatjons, vocal singing applications as well as a microphone for various instruments. This hand held mic is comfortable to use and has a very pleasant tone for most any situation. A convient on and off switch enables the user to quickly mute the volume when needed. It's cardioid pickup pattern is the best choice for most vocal situations. Included is a quality microphone cable as well as a pouch for storing whe not in use. This is a dynamic unit in a white colored design.

Peavey PVI2 White Microphone:
Dynamc mic
Steady tone coloration
Internationally popular frequency response for vocals
Excellent cardioid pickup pattern
Specially designed windscreen with rubber ring to absorb impact
On/Off switch
Includes carrying pouch, mic clip, and 6-meter XLR cable

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