Peavey QF131 equalizer

Product image 1Peavey QF131 equalizer
Product image 2Peavey QF131 equalizer

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Peavey QF131 equalizer

The Peavey QF131 Equalizer from DC Music Store. This is a one third equalizer / EQ with the FLS Feedback Locating System to help you not only fine tune but quickly find hot signals and control feedback and mixing issues. The QF131 is an extremely low noise eq from Peavey who has built their reputation on putting out great equalizers for many decades. Peavey's sound equipment has been the "go to" for many touring bands, recording artists and of course all the way down to the garage bands just having a great time. Peavey is known for making "working musician's" equipment that is affordable but sounds great and holds up to the rigors of musician's use.

Thirty one bands of control of the sound. Plus or minus twelve decibels of control over every frequency is at your disposal. Low cut filter available at 40 hertz. You have bpth quarter inch and xlr inputs and outputs giving you ease of connect-ability. Qucikly bypass with the switch to compare a flat response which also has a status LED. The FLS Feedback Lighting System gives you a light on any frequency that is receiving a strong input. This is very useful for mixing but especially for catching a hot signal that is giving feedback. You'll instantly see what the culprit frequency is so that you can notch out the feedback. Smile, now you don't have to be able to hum a 1k frequency or be able to instantly detect the pitch on your own any longer. Save on these also at DC Music Store during our sale. We stock an enormous amount of Peavey's products and can certainly save you money on the equipment you're after to make the music you love. We understand your passion. We live it our self.

Features and Specifications:

* 31-band graphic EQ with +12 dB boost/-18 dB cut per band
* 1/3 octave filter sets
* Constant Q filters
* Output level LEDs (-12 to +24 dB)
* 18 dB per octave 40 Hz low-cut filter with status LED
* 20 Hz to 20 kHz effective EQ range
* XLR and 1/4 inch TRS inputs/outputs for balanced or unbalanced operation
* Bypass switch with status LED
* New improved FLS® circuitry for greater sensitivity

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