Peavey SP2 Crossover Replacement

Product image 1Peavey SP2 Crossover Replacement
Product image 2Peavey SP2 Crossover Replacement
Product image 3Peavey SP2 Crossover Replacement
Product image 4Peavey SP2 Crossover Replacement

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Peavey SP2 Crossover Replacement for Speaker Cabinets. The "SP2" is a 2 way speaker cab from Peavey and this unit is the factory authorized, genuine replacement "Peavey crossover". It works with the older SP3 as well as the newer SP2BX series of speaker cabinets. Simply unscrew the old crossover and unhook the wires and re-install the new crossover in the reverse order and you are back to rocking!

Peavey has changed the SP2 speaker cabinet designs and crossovers dimensions over the years. You may need to retrofit this into your cab possibly. Sometimes the opening for the crossover is a bit smaller or larger. But it is designed to work for your Peavey 2 way system and its crossover points are made exactly for your model.

We're often asked if this unit will work in cabinets that are not made by Peavey. Consider that a crossover is simply going to split the sound based on the x-over point and send low signals one way and the highs another. It's not smart enough to know anything else. So yes, it will certainly work in other brands and models. Understand that the crossover points are made for a two-way system with a fifteen inch woofer and horn at the wattage ratings of the SP 2 cab. These are rated at 1000 watts program, 2000 watts peak. So be sure and match it up with something similar. We have cross-overs for many other systems including two-way versions.

At this time, Peavey is phasing out of having labels on some of their actual crossovers. So there is a possibility you could receive an unmarked crossover. There are some other avenues of approach you could take to use your current label. Here are a few options: Using a heat gun, remove the label from the existing crossover and apply it to the replacement crossover. Another method you could try is to transfer the guts of the replacement crossover to the existing crossover cup.

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The frame of this crossover measures 7" X 5" with a depth of 3 1/4"

Inner portion that inserts into the cab measures 3 & 13/16" x 5 & 7/8"

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